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Baby R@8 month

Another bubbly lovely sweet baby at his 8 month.   Simply adore his lovely beautiful eyes. View full post »View full post »

Baby D@day 9

Congratulation to the S family on welcoming a new member on board!! 🙂 We have photographed this beautiful family whenView full post »

The Bloom of pregnancy

This was mom M’s 2nd pregnancy.  Since mom M is a part time fashion model with a Dutch background. So weView full post »

Little A@7month

Times flies.  It was like yesterday when we photographed little A when she was only 7 days’ old.   See our lastView full post »

Baby S@day 5

Baby S was born premature, with less than 5 pounds.   She’s definitely the most petite girl we ever photographedView full post »

Baby B@day 8

It’s been such an enjoyable experience photographing these lovely couple during mom’s pregnancy and whenView full post »

Baby J@day 11

Another lovely beautiful baby, baby J at his 11th day.   he’s such a cutie chubby one.  Wish wish I could bringView full post »

Baby C@day11

It was a cold day on 1 Jan when we had a few shots inside a studio, and then hiked up to the Peak for their maternityView full post »

Eat or play? Little H@8.5 month

Moms, does this all sound familiar to you?    This is my little niece, little H@8.5 months.   I love capturing her in aView full post »

5-month-old sweet heart

No matter how many cutie pies I photographed, there is only one that steals my hearts – my little niece, learningView full post »

The Perfect family and perfect baby: Baby M@day8

No two babies are alike.   As we always say, the baby is the one who dictate what and how she/he want the session to beView full post »

NAPCP 2012 July International Competition award

We are thrilled to announce one of our works are being awarded “Recognition of Merit” in the NAPCP 2012View full post »


Few weeks ago, I had this image in my mind – a pregnant beautiful lady facing the sea, filled with serenity!   SoView full post »

Baby U@day 8

The angels have all gathered in the silver clouds tonight Watching you lay sleeping in the peaceful moonlight Then oneView full post »

Beach love

I always love doing beach shot in the summer time especially in the morning, so we can avoid the crowd in theView full post »

Baby A@6M and her dog!

Baby A was around 6 month old when we carried this session!!   She was all laughing and giggling throughout theView full post »

Mom M and Baby M@9month

It was like yesterday when we first met little M at her 9th day!  If that didn’t ring a bell, scroll down to seeView full post »

One of our maternity session got featured in NAPCP blog

We were so thrilled that one of our maternity session got featured in NAPCP’s blog.  NAPCP is a global networkView full post »

3S+S =4S family

The 3S family has now become 4S!  And we are so thrilled to photograph baby S at his 9th day.  He was much more petiteView full post »

NAPCP 2012 Jan International Award – 2nd place

We are so thrilled to announce the following image was awarded 2nd place in NAPCP (National Association of ProfessionalView full post »

Baby O @Day 7

It was an amazing experience photographing this beautiful family!!    Normally we would not have our newborn sessionView full post »

Twin brother @12D

If there is one thing that this family is good at – is being fabulous and super adorable!!  Look at the twins andView full post »

Happy Chinese New Year! Kung Hay Fat Choy!恭喜發財!

An early Kung Hay Fat Choy to everyone of you in the year of Dragon!   Wish all your little precious healthy and happyView full post »

Baby M@8 days | Hong Kong newborn photographer

A warm welcome to HNTB (Holland’s Next Top Baby) – Baby Muret!!  She’s been behaving very well andView full post »

Another California boy@5 days | Hong Kong baby photographer

It’s been a week after the great California trip (for the purpose of attending the great newborn baby workshop)View full post »

Meet the California angel | Hong Kong baby photographer

It was truly an inspirational trip to California in May 2011 to learn from the best newborn photography team in theView full post »

Honored to be a member of the NAPCP

I am happy to announce I was accepted as a member of NAPCP (National Association of Professional ChildView full post »

Milk interview – Samsung x Adidas x our works

Interview from Milk in respect of the cross over of Samsung NX100 * Adidas * our works. View full post »View full post »

2011 Canon Creative Asia Bronze Award

Proud to present that the “Sean Sean” picture was awarded a Bronze Award in the category of ChildrenView full post »

Sharing at Samsung NX100 workshop

Samsung HK organized a photo competition last month and the finalist (around 15-20 people) was invited to attend aView full post »

Interview from Milk re. judge for NX100 competition

Here you go – another marketing work by Samsung HK re NX100: 1) Samsung HK organized a competition and I was oneView full post »

Samsung NX100 roadshow

As their first phase promotion, Samsung hold their roadshow of NX100 in Mongkok today until this Sunday in MK Sai YeungView full post »

Invited by Samsung to test their NX100 camera

I was invited by Samsung again to test their new camera NX100.   (Again? – yes I did that for them when theyView full post »

Interview from “Photo and Camera Review”

My very first interview from a photo magazine – “Photo & Camera Review” (相機世界)in April 2010,View full post »

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