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Newborns – baby art style – FAQ

(1) When’s the best time for a newborn session?

For our Signature Baby Art posed session, we recommend taking the session when the baby is less than 2 weeks’ old (in between 5-12D), the younger the better as they are more curlable as this stage. .   Older babies tend to sleep less and newborn acne may flare up after 2 week’s old.

[Note: the babies you see in our Newborn- Pure Baby section had an average age of 8 days, ranging from 5D – 16D]

(2) Where will the newborn session be held?

All sessions are held at your home, a place where the baby is feeling most comfortable.  We mainly use natural lighting in all our sessions.   To ensure there is sufficient lighting in your home, we will ask you to send us an overview of your home’s environment. 

We currently do not offer any studio shooting for newborns.

(3) How long does the session last?

Unlike other portrait session, please buffer around 3-4 hours for a typical newborn session.   If everything goes well and the baby sleeps all the way, the actual session may last for around 2 hours.  But experience told us that it is not uncommon for the session to last for 4 hours, so sufficient time is allowed for feeding and comforting.   Before the session, please always ensure the baby’s tummy is full and content.

(4) What should we prepare for the session?

Once you confirmed the booking with us, we will send you a Preparation Checklist for the session.  Among them, please ensure a heater (or even 2-3 heaters during winter) is around.  As a general guideline, the room temperature should be warmed around 25C-28C for the newborn session!

(5) How long in advance should we book the newborn session?

We take a very limited number of Newborn Baby Art sessions per month.     We recommend you book us at least 2-4 months in advance.

(6) My baby came out too early and was a bit underweighted, can I do it later?  

The health condition of you and your baby should always be the first criteria when deciding whether to go ahead with your session.  If you think your baby is unfit for doing a session earlier, you are always right and we definitely recommend you reschedule your session with us.

(7) What if I have to reschedule in the last minute due to the unexpected delivery of my baby, will I still be able to take the session within 2 weeks’ time?  What if your schedule is full?  

We always maintain some flexibility on our weekday schedules for unexpected delivery of babies.  Please notify us as soon as your baby is out.

(8) Will you provide all the props? 

We trust the best way to present a newborn picture is always the baby itself with minimal use of props. We also love to capture the relationship with the parents.  As such we didn’t use much props in our newborn pictures.  We do however provide blankets and some hats for use on some cases.

Please note the baskets and wooden box were all things we grabbed in our clients’ place and not provided by us. They were used because of a special personal meaning to those family.

(9) There are some newborn pictures we saw in other people’s website and we wonder if you could provide the same images and procure the props for us as well? 

From time to time, we have a lot of people sending us pictures of baby pictures they saw in the website and asked us to “replicate it!!  Whilst we really appreciate your time to send us other photographers’ references to us,  please note every photographer has its own style and personal preferences!   We trust our website has already presented our style in a clear manner.
(10) Can we take photos and videos during the session?

We hope you appreciate the efforts we have put in all our newborn session.   As such, we do not allow any photoshooting or videotaping during all our session!   Please leave your cameras and videos aside during all session.

(11) Can we bring friends/relatives to watch the session?

For the session to run smoothly, we need a very quiet environment.  So apart from the parents and the baby, we require no other persons to be around during the session.   

(12) Do you offer gift certificates?

Apologies, we currently do NOT offer gift vouchers for our newborn package, unless   it’s a gift from the partner to the other half (like husband/wife).

(13) Can we use these pictures for commercial purposes?

Except with prior written agreement, all photos are copyrighted by Maria Z Photography.  Any digital files we provide to you are for your personal sharing only and should NOT be used for commercial purposes.   Please write to us for quotation on commercial purposes.

(14) When should we settle the session fee?

$5,800  deposits are required to secure a booking.  The deposit is non-refundable if the session is cancelled by the client.  All outstanding fees are due on the photo session date.   This can be settled by cheque (crossed to Maria Z Photography Limited) or cash or bank transfer.

(15) how long do we expect to receive the photos? 

Dependent upon the package you provide, you should expect to receive the JPEG images in USB in between 3-6 weeks.   We understand some parents are preparing for birth announcement purposes.  If that’s the case, please notify us in advance and we will have 2-3 best photographs ready within 3 days after the newborn session day.


  • November 18, 2014 - 12:11 am

    Rendy Wong - Hi Maria, I saw your work and I applaud for capturing life’s most treasurable moments. I just have one more question before making a final decision – how long after the newborn photoshoot will we get to select the photos for editing, and how long thereafter do we get the photos? The reason why I ask is because we may want to show the photos on a slideshow at the baby’s month full banquet and I wonder if they will be ready then.

    Looking forward to your reply. Thank you very much!

    Best regards,
    Rendy & Alan

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