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Happy Mother’s Day

Every time a child is born, So is a Mother. An eternal bond is formed. As you grow, your mother is there. There to tuckView full post »

One of our maternity session got featured in NAPCP blog

We were so thrilled that one of our maternity session got featured in NAPCP’s blog.  NAPCP is a global networkView full post »

Honored to be a member of the NAPCP

I am happy to announce I was accepted as a member of NAPCP (National Association of Professional ChildView full post »

Milk interview – Samsung x Adidas x our works

Interview from Milk in respect of the cross over of Samsung NX100 * Adidas * our works. View full post »View full post »

Sharing at Samsung NX100 workshop

Samsung HK organized a photo competition last month and the finalist (around 15-20 people) was invited to attend aView full post »

Interview from Milk re. judge for NX100 competition

Here you go – another marketing work by Samsung HK re NX100: 1) Samsung HK organized a competition and I was oneView full post »

Samsung NX100 roadshow

As their first phase promotion, Samsung hold their roadshow of NX100 in Mongkok today until this Sunday in MK Sai YeungView full post »

Invited by Samsung to test their NX100 camera

I was invited by Samsung again to test their new camera NX100.   (Again? – yes I did that for them when theyView full post »

Interview from “Photo and Camera Review”

My very first interview from a photo magazine – “Photo & Camera Review” (相機世界)in April 2010,View full post »

Interview from Digi Weekly re Samsung NX10

I was one of the three female photographers sought by Samsung to help test their new camera NX10 before their release.View full post »

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