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Newborn sextuplets kittens

This is a very unusual post. One of my friend’s cat gave birth to sextuplets early this month. As a newborn photographer, it was such a great pleasure to photograph these little kittens. 11 days old and only one of them managed to open one of her eyes. Not a pet photographer myself, but I love to present them as newborn – fresh, pure, love and keeping it as simple as possible. My friend is such an expert in taking care of cats especially baby kittens.   He actually helped the mom cat to deliver the babies over night!    The kittens are in very good hands.   Well, on the other hand, I was too scared.  the kittens just look so small and fragile .    It wasn’t an easy shoot as the kittens kept moving around during the shoot.   But it was truly a great and special experience.  

Yes if you have newborn puppies, newborn kittens, feel free to message us!

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