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The Perfect family and perfect baby: Baby M@day8

No two babies are alike.   As we always say, the baby is the one who dictate what and how she/he want the session to be done!

For this baby, well, what can we say – he’s definitely the DREAM MODEL that every baby photographer want to have!     He’s the first baby that we can complete in less than 2 hours’ time yet get far more varieties of pictures than any other families.    Yes we were lucky to have a sleepy one, but we also believe the parents’ preparation and trust makes the whole thing even more PERFECT!

What have the parents done?   Here are some great tips for other newborn sessions:

  1. parents let us photograph the baby as soon as our schedule can fit in – 8 days in this case.  Did we say you should get your newborn picture done before 12 days?
  2. baby is fully fed 30 minutes beforehand, as recommended by us.
  3. baby is fed again when requested by us to comfort the baby.  Yes this may need a  disruption of your daily feeding schedule, but it helps to soothe the baby.
  4. the parents are totally relaxed during the whole session, watching us from behind, in silence.    We can’t thank them enough for the trust.
Can you also believe we had this session run next to a very noisy construction site?   Perhaps baby M love this sound more than my white noise machine!! 🙂
Here are some great photos we took on this lovely PerFECT family!   Please note some poses are more difficult and some safety measures were taken for some of the photos.

yes he did wake up during the session, well for 2 seconds I guess and dozed off again!

Simply love his little fingers resting comfortably on dad’s hand! <3<3 <3


[Please note all photos are copyrighted by Maria Z Photography and should not be downloaded/reproduced or reprinted without our permission. Thank you!]

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