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Baby O @Day 7

It was an amazing experience photographing this beautiful family!!    Normally we would not have our newborn session outdoor as it’s just too much for a newborn baby and for a new mom, especially under such humid weather here in Hong kong!!   Yet we can’t help fell in love with this large tree where the family passes by everyday!

Mom is such an energetic person and even when she was pregnant, she kept running, doing lots of yoga and exercise.  They are living near a area where beaches and country side is just around the corner. and it all make sense that they choose to have some of the maternity pictures around the areas where they usually pass by.  I can’t help falling with love with this big tree when I spot it and requested mom that we had to return to the same spot for the newborn session.

Here is some pictures we took when mom was 32 weeks pregnant and when baby O was 7 days old!

When we returned for the newborn session, part of the trees were gone due to the rain and the weather was never the same!  But we love the brightness in the newborn pictures, as if it’s welcoming a new life into this beautiful family!

Adore adore this beautiful adorable baby boy!

The fabulous Grandmom and her proud grandson!


I love how the baby’s holding grandmom’s hand!!



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