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Invited by Samsung to test their NX100 camera

I was invited by Samsung again to test their new camera NX100.   (Again? – yes I did that for them when they launched their NX10 early this year).   Apart from me, there are two more photographers doing this but with different shooting subjects.    I was a bit concerned that I wasn’t able to find sufficient models for the testing within such limited time, especially I can’t disclose too much details as the camera was still not in market yet.  All the people I know won’t give birth until end of Oct.    Lucky me, with all the support from my friends, fans, clients and you,  response was avalanche.  I had to turn down a few people given I could only do one session on a day.

Here you go, some sneak peeks of the pictures I took with my NX100.    As their first phase promotion, Samsung is gonna hold a promotional booth in Mongkok Sai Yeung Choi Street (西洋菜街) from 1 OCt (Fri) to 3 Oct (Sun) 4:30pm – 7:30pm to promote their cameras.     Some of these photos will be put up there.   I heard there is also gonna be some games too!  So if you have time, go and take a look.

And many thanks for the families of Lawes, Miller, Everett, Cindy’s and Carmen’s for their help on this.   Without your support and trust, I wont’ be able to get all these pictures.   Aren’t they gorgeous parents and babies?!




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